Moss Technology Consulting


Moss Technology Consulting provides the services your small business needs to run smoothly.  We can help you maximize the efficiency of your Information Technology budget.   Please contact us to arrange for a consultation.


  • Technology Assessments
    Inventory and examine your current Information Technology status.  Develop a plan to match a technology roadmap to your business vision and goals.
  • Solution Design
    Using the results of the Technology Assessment, design a cost-effective solution that works for your business.


  • Hardware & Software Sales
    Provide proven Hardware and Software required to implement a quality and robust solution.  See Products for more information.
  • Installation
    Install and configure hardware and software.


  • Update and Patch Management
    Ensure all systems and devices have the most up to date patches for optimum security and functionality.
  • Routine Maintenance
    Clean hardware, refill/replace consumables and optimize software and systems.
  • End-User Support
    Support and train end-users to help them get the most out of the solutions and use the products efficiently.
  • Troubleshooting and Repairs
    Identify, locate and repair problems with hardware and software.


  • Custom Applications
    Design and create databases and applications for data tracking and processing.