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AastraLink RP™

Microsoft has discontinued the Respone Point product.  If you are interested in a phone system, please contact us about the AastraLink PRO™  160 product.

A Microsoft® Response Point™ Phone System

Microsoft® Response Point™ is revolutionary phone system software designed for small businesses. Easy to use and manage, Response Point is delivered on intuitive hardware from AastraLink--a complete solution in one affordable package.

  • Set up and make changes in minutes.
    The user-friendly administrator software lets average PC users complete moves, changes, or additions with a few mouse clicks.
  • Access features with your voice.
    A breakthrough voice-activated user interface lets you tell your phone what to do.
  • Add up to 50 phones as your business grows.
    The system expands to meet your needs, with no additional licensing fees.
For more information, please contact us.